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How to fix PUBG MOBILE Internet error 154140712?

How to fix PUBG MOBILE Internet error 154140712?

Here’s how this error looks like.

Internet error. Please check your network and try again. Error Code: 154140712(Tap cancel to exit game)

Going by the error message displayed by the game, it’s easy to deduce that the game is having issues connecting to the internet.

Generally, disabling and enabling your 4G/Wifi connection should fix this issue.

However, there’s no guarantee that this will work for all users.

Internet error 154140712 PUBG INternet

Since PUBG is an online multiplayer game, it requires a strong internet connection. Whenever we launch PUBG on our device, our device tends to establish a reliable connection with the PUBG servers. Now that we know what is going on behind the scene, we can easily conclude the root cause of PUBG Internet Error: Error Code 154140712. The following can cause this error.

  • No or slow internet connectivity.
  • DNS configured in our device is not able to establish a reliable connection with PUBG servers.

Method 1: Switch to WiFi from Mobile Data

As discussed above, PUBG requires a strong and reliable internet connection. Mobile data is considered to be slow and less reliable as compared to WiFi. So, better switch to WiFi if you are currently using the mobile data. If slow internet connectivity is the reason behind this error, this would surely fix this error. However, if DNS is the culprit, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the next method.

Method 2: Change DNS Settings on your Device

The Domain Name Server configured on our device may not be able to establish a reliable connection with the PUBG servers. So, we need to configure them with the correct value to fix PUBG Internet error having error code 154140712. Let us get started then.

Changing DNS Settings for Android Users

These steps have been listed to change the DNS settings for the Android devices. If you own an iOS device, you can scroll down to follow the steps to change the DNS settings for iOS devices.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi option.
  • Now long press the Wi-Fi that you are connected with, and then tap on Modify Network option. If the long press is not working, you may see an arrow icon. Just tap on it and you will land at the right place.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select IP Settings or Advanced > IP Settings depending upon the device and/or Android version you are running.
  • Change from DHCP to Static.
    • Now enter the following values in DNS 1 and DNS 2 respectively:
  • DNS 1: 2:
    • ap on OK button to save the changes. Now try to launch PUBG on your Android device and check if the PUBG Internet Error still persists.
  • Changing DNS Settings for iOS Users

    iOS users can follow the steps mentioned below to change the DNS settings accordingly:

    • Go to Settings and then tap on Wi-Fi.
    • Tap on the circular blue icon which is placed just next to the Wi-Fi you are connected to.
    • Now scroll down to find the DNS section. Here, tap on Configure DNS.
    • Select Manual, if the current selection is Automatic. 
    • Scroll down to the DNS Servers and delete all the servers, if there are any.
    • Now tap on Add Server button.
    • Add and DNS entries one by one and save the settings.
    • ry to launch PUBG on your iOS device and check if the PUBG Internet Error with error code 154140712 still persists.
    • These settings should hopefully resolve this issue.


Step 1 Go to the official App Store. Since this fix works for Android devices as well, you must open the Google Play Store.

Step 2 Search for Opera VPN and install the app on your device. You can also install any other VPN app but Opera VPN is completely free to use and does the trick.

Step 3 Launch the app from your home screen. Once it prompts you to add the necessary VPN configuration, tap Allow.

Step 4 Go to Settings > General > VPN and ensure Opera VPN is connected properly.   

Step 5 Go back to Opera VPN and tap on Switch Location option present under the Device Location section. Although there are several other options in the app, simply changing the device’s location will suffice in this case.

Step 6 Opera VPN selects the closest location automatically, which may or may not be optimal. Change your location to the Netherlands 

Step 7 You can now play PUBG without any internet or network error constantly pestering you.

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