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How To Add Google Custom Search Engine In Blogger?

How To Add Google Custom Search Engine In Blogger?

Google Custom Search Engine is another product by Google which allow you to embed a search box in your site or blog for the inner site search. If your site have a large amount of data and a lot of pages then this search box allow users to find and reach the accurate content which they want. Today’s blogs contain built in search boxes but those search widgets are not very accurate. So, you can add a Google custom search engine to your blog for better result.

Google custom search engine uses some natural factor to bring up the accurate search result in blog. You know how powerful Google is. So, Google uses same formula in Custom Search Engine to reach the exact result.

  • Go to the Google Custom Search Engine Official Page.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Insert your site URL for which you want to create search engine.
  • Choose Language.
  • Choose search engine name and click on ‘Create’
  • You will see the message that ”You Have Created Your Search Engine”.
  • Click on Get Code.
  • Copy the code.
  • And Go To the blogger layout.
  • Add a new HTML/Java Script and paste the code in it and Click on save.
  • Now you have successfully created Google custom search engine for your Blogger blog.

And you can do a lot after adding Search Engine to your blog. You can customize according to your desire, Enabling Monetization, Enable Voice Search and Image Search. So, don’t forget to add this box to your blog it can be very helpful to you and your blog.

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