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Best 5 Instagram Feed WordPress plugins 2020

Best 5 Instagram Feed WordPress plugins

Introduced just a few years ago, Instagram is one of the fastest growing and popular social networks. The interesting Instagram figures signify that it is equally important to connect Instagram to your website like other social networks i.e.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.  So, in this blog, I will discuss the best Instagram Feed WordPress plugins to integrate Instagram to your WordPress website.

1. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

mong many free and premium Instagram feeds WordPress plugins, AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a simple yet a modern feature-rich Instagram plugin. It provides adequate options to display the Instagram feeds in a customized way choosing from multiple choices. The download figures of its Lite version seem quite interesting since its recent release.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is easy to install and use. There are mainly two steps of plugin settings (Display settings and Layout settings) to connect Instagram.

The display settings of AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro consist of filtering option to filter (allow or block) images according to specific keywords, sort the images (according to date, likes, comment or in random order). Besides, this section will also let you enable/disable the Instagram link, user image, username, image like counts, image comment counts and many more.

Demo / Download

2. InstaLink

InstaLink is one of the popular Instagram. Instalink mainly provides three ways to display Instagram photos on the WordPress website: Username, Hashtag, and Username filtered by hashtag. It lets you beautifully present the Instagram images like a responsive photo gallery.

There are three easy ways to setup Instalink: WordPress shortcode, Visual composer element, and WordPress widget. It is easy to customize WordPress Instagram feed plugin. One can easily change the size of images, choose colors of background heading and text.

Demo / Download

3. WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed is a simple and stylish free Instagram feed WordPress plugin. Though it is a free plugin, the awesome download figures in the plugin repository seem promising for every new user. It is basically a basic plugin to display Instagram feeds elegantly on the WordPress website.

Once you install WD Instagram Feed, you can start customizing the plugin easily. There are multiple styles for customizing the display of your Insta feeds.

4. Instagram Feed

The main features are mobile ready, completely customizable, shortcode options, Follow on the Instagram button. It has all the most used features.

It is really easy to set up this plugin to display the Instagram photos beautifully on the WordPress site.

5. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

Formerly known as Instagram Widget by WPZOOMWPZOOM Social Feed Widget is a fully customisable and responsive widget for WordPress to display your Instagram feed.WPZOOM Social Feed Widget gives you a WordPress Widget that you can place anywhere you want and be able to fully customize it’s design using CSS.

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