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5 Best Free Progress Bar JavaScript Plugins

With these free plugins you can redesign your progress bars to match any look for any website. Not to mention all the extra features and custom animations you can add to the page.

1. LineProgressbar

The jQuery LineProgressbar is a free plugin that’s super thin and lightweight.

It works with any modern progress bar elements and it takes basic options for total fill length, bar color, and height/width(among other features).

Check out the demo page for some examples along with code snippets you can use on your own website.


ProgressBar.js is a free plugin that replicates this feature. But it doesn’t just rely on bars at the top of the page.

You can use this plugin for any custom shape from circles to triangles and custom parallelograms.


The goalProgress plugin is definitely the simplest of the bunch. It’s primarily meant for use in tracking numbers on an input field, but it can be used for any similar progress bar.


This jQuery plugin lets you develop a breadcrumb progress bar where the user works through different steps in a pre-defined process.

This process might be signing up for a new account on a website or following an ecommerce checkout flow.

5.jQuery Circle Progress

Iith the jQuery Circle Progress plugin you get more variety to pick through. There’s more custom themes and more options to work with.

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