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Unfortunately camera has stopped working Android error

This “unfortunately camera has stopped” error is just a system bug that is not a big issue if you have stock Android installed. Usually a simple restart or clearing cache will fix this error. If you have a custom OS like Cyanogenmod installed, you may have to flash another compatible ROM via recovery. I got this error message on my Nexus 6p whenever I opened the camera app. Then the camera app would simply force close and I would be unable to take any pictures. Here are the possible fix for unfortunately camera has stopped error for Android Smartphones and tablets.

Method 1: Restart phone

Well, this is a very straightforward step that could easily fix the camera has stopped error on your smartphone.

Method 2: Clear cache and data of your Camera application

Most of the time, the application cache may cause this error. To fix it, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps (or application manager) >> Swipe to go to “All”
  • Now scroll down the list of apps, and tap on “Camera”
  • Tap “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data”
  • Now restart your smartphone

Open the camera app and check for the error.

Method 3: Formatting external microSD card

This method is applicable only if you save your photos on your external microSD card. Simply remove the SDcard and move all of files stored on it to your hard drive. Then insert the microSD card in your PC or Laptop’s SDcard slot and format it. To format it, right click on the microSD card drive after it appears on your PC, then select “Format”. Before formatting , you can also try checking for error by right clicking your SDcard and selecting “Properties” >> Tools >> Check

Method 4: For Custom ROM users (Cyanogenmod, SlimROM etc)

If you are a custom ROM user, you are not new to flashing Operating systems via recovery. If you’re getting this error pop up, you will need to reflash the operating system along with a compatible GAPPs package. If it still doesn’t work, you will have to flash a different ROM.

Sometimes, you may get this error when you have too many pictures in your gallery. Just move the excess images to your PC hard drive or an external storage. After clearing your gallery, open your Camera app and take pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Gear users have also reported this error, where they would get a black screen and then the message saying “camera has stopped working”. Possible fix for this issue include resetting the Samsung Gear smartwatch. Also, check if you have the latest software update installed. If not, make sure you update the OS of your Galaxy Gear.

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