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Top 10 Best WordPress free User Registration Plugins

Top 10 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

There are hundreds of these plugins that you can choose from. And with a little research, you’ll realize that each of them claims to be the best option for you. That’s where the confusion starts. But don’t worry.

To help you pick the best, we have come up with a list of the best user login and registration WordPress plugins that will make your task a lot easier.

Here’s a quick list of our favorite user registration plugins:

  1. RegistrationMagic
  2. User Registration
  3. Ultimate Member
  4. User Registration & User Profile
  5. CM Registration and Invitation Codes
  6. UsersWP
  7. Easy Registration Forms
  8. WP User Frontend
  9. Pie Register
  10. ARMember

1. RegistrationMagic


RegistrationMagic uses powerful registration tools to offer the webmaster complete control over how user registrations are completed and how you manage them. At its most basic, RegistrationMagic allows you to make multiple registration pages for different users.

This way, one user would come to your site and see alternative fields compared to someone else. A wide variety of other features are included, such as options for accepting file attachments on your user registration forms. We also like the fact that you can accept payments from new users.

2. User Registration


Although the free version does the trick for smaller businesses, we can’t help but recommend the Personal plan for its major upgrades. For example, you receive additional tools for file uploading, advanced fields, and a WooCommerce integration. Some of the premium addons include invite codes, LearnDash support, field visibility, and more.

3. Ultimate Member


The Ultimate Member WordPress plugin boasts high download rates and impressive ratings, making it a go-to solution when trying to offer frontend user profiles, registration forms, and login options. The custom form fields are essential for designing your logins the way you want, while the drag and drop builder is sure to improve the user experience while designing.

The core plugin is free and comes with some excellent tools for user account pages, conditional logic for forms, and member directories.

4. User Registration & User Profile


Also known as Profile Builder, the User Registration & User Profile plugin serves as an all-in-one user registration and profile manager for WordPress. A long list of free features are offered with the plugin, some of which include a drag and drop form builder and a module for building a custom user login widget. Some other elements we enjoy are the content restriction options and the reCAPTHA, both of which require no payment from the user.

The Premium Version of Profile Builder starts at $69 per year for use on one site and the addition of many features. For instance, a few of the advanced addons in this plan include a social connection, WooCommerce sync, and bbPress support. You can also upgrade to $149 per year for a handful of other user modules like custom redirects, repeater fields, and custom redirects.

5.CM Registration and Invitation Codes


With CM Registration and Invitation Codes, you can come up with some stunning user login and registration forms for your website. Using these forms, you can manage who can register on your website.

It lets you create Ajax based popup logins and registration forms without having you to code a single line. The benefit of Ajax login is that your users can stay on the same page while logging in without having to refresh the page. The plugin also comes with options to let you send email verifications and send fully customizable emails.

This plugin supports tons of other advanced WordPress plugins and is compatible with any WordPress themes.

6. UsersWP


The UsersWP plugin presents tools for creating a user directory, user profile, registration form, and login form. All of these are unlimited, so you can generate multiple login forms on the same website. The point of the plugin is to be as lightweight as possible, allowing users to have a better experience, while providing some more efficient tools for making the forms in the first place. For example, the drag and drop profile builder combines nicely with the various shortcodes for tasks like editing profiles and registering users.

7. Easy Registration Forms


If one thing’s certain, the developers of user registration plugins are competing to make interfaces as intuitive as possible. The Easy Registration Forms plugin is no different, as it also provides a handful of shortcodes and a drag and drop visual builder to insert different fields into your forms. As an example, you can drag a button, date, field, or text area into your form or one of the dozens of other modules provided.

8. WP User Frontend


WP User Frontend is one of the free user login and registration plugins that lets you do much more than just creating a login form. With this plugin, you can allow users to submit a post for your review from the frontend of your site.

The plugin comes with a drag-and-drop builder, so you can instantly preview how your forms look like without having to switch between preview and the builder. The plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg editor too.

9. Pie Register

Pie Register

Pie Register is a WordPress user registration plugin through which you can easily add user registrations on your website. It is filled with awesome features like membership fees, 2 step authentication, block users, and role-based redirection. All these features can be quite useful for your user registration form. It can help a lot in security and to keep an updated record of your users of the website as well.

10. ARMember


One of the main reasons the ARMember plugin looks so appealing is because of its extensive membership support. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to let members join for free or for payment. It also doesn’t matter if you’d like to allow for yearlong memberships or monthly. Along with multiple payment cycles and multiple payment methods, the ARMember plugin boasts an impressive feature-set.

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