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How to locate Lost iPhone online

  • Apple has its own iPhone tracking feature called “Find My iPhone”. It can be enabled by going to the Settings, tapping on iCloud and then switching on “Find My iPhone”. Apple’s feature also needs to have Location Services enabled for it to be able to find the iPhone.
    1. Log in to your account on Find My iPhone on some other iPhone/iPad or log in to iCloud account on the web and open Find My iPhone.
    2. Now, click on “All Devices”. A green dot means the device is online while a gray dot means it is offline. Unless the device has been offline for more than 24 hours, it should also show a timestamp of the last time the device was online.
    3. Select the device you want to locate and it should show an approximate location of the device. If the device is offline, it will show the last known location. You can also select “Notify me when found” to receive an email if the device comes online.
    4. You should place your device in “Lost Mode” and lock it with a passcode. It will also let you display a custom message with your phone number to help you get the phone back.

If the phone doesn’t ring, either it is broken, has run out of battery, or has been turned off. In this case, you can pretty much forget about recovering your device. Now, you should focus on erasing your device’s data so someone else cannot gain access to it.
First, you should call your carrier and get your SIM-card blocked so it can’t be used by some other person. After that, you should proceed to erase your device.

Lock or erase the iPhone

The iPhone allows you to completely erase your device or ring it using the Find My iPhone app. Additionally, the iPhone also has a feature called “Activation Lock” that is enabled automatically once you enable Find My iPhone.
Activation Lock makes sure that no one can disable Find My iPhone, erase your device or reactivate it without your Apple ID and password.

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