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How to locate a Lost Andriod/Samsung Phone

Recovering a Lost Andriod Phone

Tracking your Phone by Android Device Manager

You can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate your device. Simply Google “Find my phone” while signed in to your Google Account and it should start tracking. Alternatively, you can also download the Android Device Manager app from the Play Store on another Android phone and log into your own account to locate it (tracking won’t work if location access is off on the device).
The catch? Your phone needs to be powered on and be connected (even if for a few seconds) to the internet for this to work.

Erase your date and Set The password

You can use the Android Device Manager to ring the device, lock and change the password or perform a factory data reset. However, just like

when locating the device, your phone needs to be connected to the internet after you perform the reset/lock long enough to receive the instructions.
Additionally, you need to have granted access to Android Device Manager to remotely perform a factory data reset for the respective functions to work.
You can enable access for ADM by going to the Google Settings app, then tapping on the Android Device Manager. (the locate feature is enabled by default).

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