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How to fix Shut Down Issues on All-In-One 200t Series PCs

If you are told to choose a PC with reasonably good configuration and innovative features certainly you can’t afford to overlook the All-in-One 200t series. It is a product designed to deliver high productivity with fast processing speed. A genuine Windows Operating System, fast processor, good hard drive capacity, high virtual memory and an attractive design are some of the qualities that you would love to count. No system can claim to be error free for life and same is the case for your All-in-One 200t. This system too can develop issues like blue screen error, software error or shutdown issues in due course. There is no need to get anxious because computer support service providers are at your service 24×7.

If you are facing shut down issues with your system then this article will help you resolve it. There are several reasons behind the shut down issues but the ones that are frequent include viruses and malware infection, corrupt registry or software errors.

These issues can be resolved with the:

Removal of viruses and malware

Viruses and malware infection causes a lot of problems including shutdown issues. These infections tend to corrupt important system files to substantially affect the performance and speed of your computer. When the files required for the proper shutdown of the system gets corrupted, your system fails to execute shutdown in the proper sequential manner. The ideal way for resolving virus issues is to install a good quality and updated antivirus software that can remove malware and protect your All-in-One 200t-series computer from further attacks.

Cleaning the Windows Registry

A corrupt Windows registry can also lead to the sudden shut down of your All-in-one-200t. Registry is an important repository where details are saved every time you edit, delete, restore, change, save, close a file and perform other associated tasks. Over a certain period of time it gets overloaded with a huge bulk of unimportant data that contributes in causing shutdown issues. Sometimes the registry gets some corrupt or damaged file that again aggravates the issue. What you need to do to avoid such situation is to use a good quality registry cleaner tool periodically so that the registry always contains a certain amount of free space.

System Restore

Windows offers you some amazing features that help you deal with the shut down issues on your All-in-One 200t series computer. It is a utility tool for Windows-based system that restores the system settings to a previous point of restore when it was working fine. It is useful especially when errors occur due to the installing of new drivers, registry errors, other software problems or shutdown issues. You can easily resolve shutdown issues with high success probability by opting for system restore.

System restore is a utility tool offered with Windows-based systems and you require it especially when you face technical issues after the installation of new drivers for Windows. The system slows down due to registry errors or other system errors. For using the system restore feature on your laptop you must have the administrator rights.

Follow the below mentioned steps to restore Windows to any of the previous restore points.

• Click ‘Start’ in the main Windows menu

• Click ‘All Programs’

• Click ‘Accessories’

• And finally select ‘System Restore.

Thus you can restore your system to a point when it was working fine without any issues.

The tips and steps mentioned above would be very useful in dealing with shutdown issues on your All-in-One 200t computers but technical glitches cannot be ruled out entirely. You are advised to contact an experienced online tech support service provider in case you are not able to resolve the issue with these tips. Technicians offered by these computer support service providers are certified and trained to tackle issues with All-in-One 200t computers efficiently, diligently and taking the minimum time.

by Sharon R Angela

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