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How to Fix It Call of Duty 4 Lags?

Many users reported that after they had started Call of Duty 4, it runs fine for approximately 10 seconds and then starts lagging. It is one of the most common problems. In this article, we will discuss the steps to solve this problem.

The following factors are responsible for Call of Duty 4 lagging issue:

1. CPU Overheating
2. Large Amount of Fragmentation in the Registry
3. Your Antivirus Program uses Huge System Resources
4. Fix the Registry Entries
5. Re-download the Game’s Cache Files

CPU Overheating

Call of Duty 4 lags if the processor is overheating. This problem is mostly common in laptop computers. Buy a laptop cooling pad to solve this issue.

Large Amount of Fragmentation in the Registry

Registry is a vital element in Microsoft Windows operating system. The registry is used to store different types of information.

Call of Duty 4 too stores its configurations in the registry and retrieves them at the time you are playing the game. Registry fragment slows down the process of retrieving and standing such type of information and thereby Call of Duty 4 lags. You are recommended to defrag the registry using a third-party registry defragmenter product.

Your Antivirus Program uses Huge System Resources

Call of Duty 4 lags when the antivirus you had installed is running in background and using too many files (ie resources) and the real-time protection is turned on. In simple words, an antivirus using large amount of your system memory for protecting your computer in background causes Call of Duty 4 lagging issue.

Disable your antivirus program as below:
1. Right click the system tray icon of your antivirus software.
2. Select Disable Permanently option.

Fix the Registry Entries

As discussed earlier, the game stores its configuration in your registry and returns back at the time you are playing it. These registry entries, if corrupted, not only make the game slower but also lag it in middle.

To stop Call of Duty 4 lags, make sure that your registry does not contain incorrect entries. To check the registry problems and correct them, use a registry cleaner program.

Re-download the Game’s Cache Files

It might be possible that some of the cache files stored in the installation directory are corrupt. It will be advisable to restore back their original versions by downloading on the internet with support of Steam.

1. Close down the game.
2. Open My Computer, and browse the following directory:
C: Program Files Steam SteamApps Common Call of Duty Zone English
3. Rename the following two files with the relative names given:
a. Mp_afghan_load.ff: backup_mp_afghan_load.ff
b. Mp_afghan.ff: backup_mp_afghan.ff
4. If you found other files of the.ff type, rename them as well.
5. Delete those files that you renamed in the Step 3 above.
6. Open Steam.
7. Right click on MW2.
8. Select Properties | Local Files (tab) | Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
9. Wait till these files are downloaded again.
10. Restart the game after completion.

by A. Michelle

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