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Best Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan

As you know PayPal doesn’t offer its services in Pakistan.There had been a couple of financial issues among Pakistan and PayPal, that’s why PayPal doesn’t offer his services in Pakistan.So, there is big problem for all of us in recieving online payments and paying for services that only support paypal.

Most of people use payoneer account to verify paypal account, But for limited time.Because Paypal is very restricted.They will limit your account even you use paypal with all precautions.

I was using paypal for 3 years.I haven’t logged in for last 4 months and I got an email that my account was limited and unable to send or withdraw money.Then I signup again with new payoneer card of my brother.I confirm my bank account.When I tried to transfer the amount to payoneer bank account.Next day its again limited because of unauthorised trasnfer of money to bank account and my $200 was gone.

So my question is why we all paksitanis so much interested in paypal and use it with high risk while there are many alternatives of paypal.

Paypal Alternatives for Recieving Online Income.


If you don’t have payoneer account Click Here to get free payoneer account with $25 bonus.

Payoneer is one of the best alternative to paypal for recieving your online money, whether its your freelancer income or blogging income.

Most of the freelancer sites support payoneer so you can withdraw you money easily with payoneer master card without any risk.

If you are making money with your website, Most of the publisher programs and affiliates programs also support payoneer, You just need to provide your payoneer email address.if not they must support bank or wire transfer.You can select bank transfer and provide your payoneer bank info like account number,routing number etc.

However your payout amount must be $50 to $100 in order to recieve via bank transfer.

Most common programs that accept wire transfer.

Google adsense, Bidvertiser, commision junction, Amazon, Clickbank and many other affiliate programs.


Formerly working as AlertPay, Payza is an online fund transferring service that allows you to quickly, securely, and conveniently send and receive money over the internet. It provides all the required services for an e-commerce business including the debit card support, prepaid cards, wire transfers, cheques and bank transfers. Owned by MH Pillars, Payza supports over 197 countries (including Pakistan) and 21 different currencies and has over 9 million users across the globe.

3.Western Union

Western Union is a secure and widespread money transferring service which is affiliated with a large number of vendors here in Pakistan and so, serves as the perfect payment processing service that can replace PayPal. By being into service since the 19thcentury, WU has deep roots in this business and currently supports over 200 countries.

Its mostly used to recieve google adsense earning.

Paypal Alternative for Online Shopping

UBL Wiz Internet Card

As PayPal is not providing its service here in Pakistan right now, so the only legal way, we are left with is Credit Card.Here UBL (United Bank Limited) Wiz card serves the purposes. At the moment this can be regarded as best Pre-Paid debit card which also works as a credit card, for online payments.

you just have to fill up a form and to pay for card fee and deposit money, that’s it – you are done. Card can be obtained from any UBL branch for just Rs. 120 and you don’t even need to have a bank account.You can use it to verify your Payza account in Pakistan or any other E-currency account.

You can shop online with your wiz card.I use my wiz card to buy webhosting and advertising purpose.You also can use it to recharge your mobile account via telenor app.

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