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ATM withdrawl in Pakistan using payoneer card

Payoneer is a company providing you the famous MasterCard to use anywhere in the world.Now you can use Payoneer MasterCard for receiving your payments from all freelance companies and withdrawing money using local ATMs in all countries where Payoneer is available at the moment including Pakistan. Along with the MasterCard, Payoneer also gives you option to use a US bank for receiving payments from any US or EU company, so this is one additional advantage. You may receive payments from more than 800 well-known US companies + EU companies in your Payoneer card.

Payoneer Card  Charges

They take $1 to $3  for Recieving from any other account.
Then another $30 per year for annual fees.
Then $3 per ATM withdrawl.
Then another 3% currency conversion fee.

Here is a list of all ATMs in Pakistan where you can successfully withdraw money with your payoneer card.

I think Standard Chartered is the best to withdraw cash from payoneer as it has a limit of RS 30,000 for a single withdrawal. you can withdraw maximum from SCB in Pakistan, they have no transaction limits.you can withdraw maximum of 20,000 RS in one transaction, As Payoneer allow ten transactions per day so you can withdraw maximum of 2000$ in one day.

MCB is large bank operated in many countries so it is able to withdraw money from Payoneer Master card easily .I personally use MCB. MCB also supports unlimited Transactions and rates are lowered to 203$ for 20,000 Rs.

Faysal Bank Limited is amongst the top ten banks in Pakistan with a network of over 300 branches located even in the remotest parts of Pakistan.It also supports payoneer card.

Citi has been operating in Pakistan since 1961 and is one of the leading Corporate and Investment bank of the Country.I heard that it also supports payoneer master card.

If your Card can,t didn’t accept, may be their is another issue, make sure, your card is activated, or have Good number of amount in the card.


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