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Apple is also going to introduce foldable phone

After Samsung, Apple is working to launch a phone that folds, report Forbes.

Cupertino, California based iPhone maker filed a new patent. The company is all set to introduce the phone that it describes as ‘the purported device with a flexible display that enables it to fold in the middle.’

The step is taken to give big-screen experience to the users and also to make phone practical enough to fit in a pocket.

The illustrations show screen orientation, hinge design and structural integrity, and now Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing has fleshed them out.

Additionally, the phone’s distinct structure would allow it to be folded two-ways.

Most notable for many with be the laptop-style keyboard integration, something which is similar to Nokia’s popular Communicator range which had a loyal following for over 10 years.

Interestingly, there is also a possibility of a tri-fold, allowing for both a much larger overall size and an even compact folded form.

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